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Coach Howard's Science Classes.

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Class Documents. Physical Science.

This is a revision activity for ionic bonding. powerpoint to be used as hand outs. Pupils are given a 'dating card' each which gives an element. Start studying Element Speed Dating. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Home» Chemistry» Chemistry speed dating Each student then does some initial research on their element and fills in a 'dating profile'.

Links Ridge View High. Periodic Table of Elements.

Polyatomic Ion Worksheet. Please help us find your perfect Element speed dating by completing the Element speed dating about yourself: Tell us a spede bit about your family: Family Name: Create a Relationship Profile dissussing: What do you have to bring to a stable relationship of valence e. On the back of your note card, draw a picture of your elements neutral atom using Bohr Models.

An ionic bond will form between what kinds of elements? What happens with the electrons in an ionic bond? Give the ionic symbol Element speed dating and charge for the following elements: Will the elements above 2 gain or lose electrons when becoming ions?

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Will they become cations or anions? An ionic compound is neutrally charged.

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Why or Why not? What is the formula for the ionic compound formed from sodium and oxygen?

Draw the bond forming using Lewis structures 10pts. Poor, lonely atom… Those of us at Bonding Speed Dating Service understand that you are tired of wandering around with Spewd partially-filled outer shell of electrons. Lucky for you, that special someone is out there…the one that can help you out on your road to becoming Element speed dating of a happy, stable bonding relationship.

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