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The Ultimate Guide for women returning to work A must have resource for anyone returning to work after raising a family. This book contains valuable tools to help you make a smooth transition out of your house and into a rewarding career. 

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“What I love most about this book is the solid methodology behind it. Not only will women feel inspired and empowered as they actively participate in this process, but they will discover concrete and proven steps that can lead them to tangible results in the pursuit of their personal and professional fulfillment. It is a book that has the potential to truly change women's lives.”​

"This introspective guide book is ideal for the woman who finds herself and her true purpose lost amidst the wants and needs of others. Through this thought-provoking book, Lisa offers women, regardless of where they are on their life’s journey, an opportunity to look inward and honestly examine their talents and experiences as a means to unleash their true passion and spirit-driven purpose.“

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