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Doing Your Job Is Not Enough


In this economy it is no longer enough to do you job, in some companies it is not even enough to do your job well. To stay employed and work toward getting promoted you need to do more than "your job." You need to exceed expectations by adding value and continuing to invest in yourself.



10 Things Not To Do When You Lose Your Job


Do you know the 10 Things NOT TO DO when you lose your job? You would be surprised to know that many make these very mistakes! Check out this report and your job search will be successful.


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Be Extraordinary in Your Career: Toot Your Own Horn



How can you get promoted or avoid being downsized if nobody knows your accomplishments? It is your responsibility to find opportunities to let the "powers that be" in your organization know how valuable you are and the contributions you make. There are ways to strategically become known as extraordinary. 



The Truth About Job Hunting in Today's Job Market


Out of work and frustrated? Thinking that in this economy you will never land a good job? Don't sell yourself short. In today's job market there continues to be opportunities for great careers! In this report you will learn the Truth About Job Hunting In Today's Job Market.


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Become Extraordinary in Your Career by Leveraging Your Strengths



Talents + Skills = Strengths. Knowing your strengths and how to leverage them is important in your quest to excel from ordinary to extraordinary




Thinking of re-entering the workforce after taking time off to raise your family? Download our free report "How To Take The Fear & Confusion Out of Going Back To Work After Taking Time Off to Raise Your Kids" Enter your contact information below and you will receive a down load link via email.


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Take Charge of Your Professional Success



Are you ready to take charge or your career by becoming extraordinary? In these turbulent economic times you must position yourself to excel, thrive and achieve the success you deserve.



"Finding Joy After Relationships Fail" with Maureen Staiano.  Lisa shares valuable tips about how to take the fear and confusion out of re-entering the workforce after a failed relationship.

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Are you REALLY an impostor?




If you feel like an impostor rather than an expert in your profession you are holding yourself back from achieving success.



Teleseminar "College Kids, Money and The Whole Crazy Thing, Part II" with Karen Monroy and Lisa Silvershein.

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Are you or someone you know struggling to get back to work?


People ARE Getting Hired and You Can Too!


During this call Lisa shared:

  • important steps you must take when you lose your job
  • how you can begin to uncover and clearly explain all of your skills, strengths and interests to potential employers
  • the top two things that people who found jobs did in order to get job offers
  • the importance of identifying what you REALLY WANT out of your new opportunity so that you can develop your marketing platform

People ARE Getting Hired and You Can Too!

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Lisa was interviewed by the Courier News - read the article here


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“I met with Lisa when I was between jobs and looking to define a new career path. Lisa asks excellent questions, she is insightful and encouraging. Lisa is the ultimate professional” M.S.

"The best part about the sessions was that I felt I was talking to a friend, but at the same time my guidance. I enjoyed feeling open and ready to share ideas without being shot down or discouraged. I liked the fact that there was always something positive to be said, even if I had something negative to say or complain about. It turned my mood around and helped me see alternate options more quickly than I usually do.” C.L.


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