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Take control of your future and set your course for success






Do you want to take control of your future?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the choices
and possibilities?

Are you concerned about how you will
achieve your dreams?

Are you ready to be successful and take the next step?



Success is yours if you set out to find it. If you answered, “yes” to any of these questions it is time for you to start working with a career coach. Your coach will help you sort through:

  • Where you are
  • Where you want to be
  • How to make it happen!

Ark Career Coaching will support your in your efforts.


Coaching is an interactive process that helps individuals develop more rapidly and achieve more satisfying results. Through the coaching process you will set clearer goals, take more action, achieve your goals faster, make better decisions and more fully leverage your strengths to your advantage.


Ark Career Coaching helps people use their strengths
to move forward in their career lifecycle.



Career Coaching, Student Coaching, Executive Coaching and Retirement Coaching
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"It's Your Turn...
Do What You Want To Do!

The Ultimate Guide for Women
Returning to Work


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Lisa G. Silvershein, MS is the coach who gives you the edge and confidence to sail through life’s most stressful transitions. Lisa brings over twenty years of human resources, career counseling, management, training and consulting experience to her coaching business. She has continued success in developing individuals at all stages of their career. She has a superior ability to listen, observe and customize her approach to meet individual client needs.


Ark Career Coaching prepares you to effectively leverage your strengths, skills, interests and experience to take you to the next level in your career lifecycle.



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Are YOU ready to sail through your career?

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“I met with Lisa when I was between jobs and looking to define a new career path. Lisa asks excellent questions, she is insightful and encouraging. Lisa is the ultimate professional” M.S.

"The best part about the sessions was that I felt I was talking to a friend, but at the same time my guidance. I enjoyed feeling open and ready to share ideas without being shot down or discouraged. I liked the fact that there was always something positive to be said, even if I had something negative to say or complain about. It turned my mood around and helped me see alternate options more quickly than I usually do.” C.L.

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