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Take control of your future and set your course for success


Do you want to take control of your future?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the choices and possibilities?

Are you concerned about how you will achieve your dreams?

Are you ready to be successful and take the next step?

Success is yours if you set out to find it. If you answered, “yes” to any of these questions it is time for you to start working with a career coach. Your coach will help you sort through:

  • Where you are
  • Where you want to be
  • How to make it happen!
Ark Career Coaching will support your in your efforts.

Coaching is an interactive process that helps individuals develop more rapidly and achieve more satisfying results. Through the coaching process you will set clearer goals, take more action, achieve your goals faster, make better decisions and more fully leverage your strengths to your advantage.

Ark Career Coaching helps people use their strengths to move forward in their career lifecycle.

"It's Your Turn... Do What You Want To Do!"
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Lisa G. Silvershein, MS is the coach who gives you the edge and confidence to sail through life’s most stressful transitions. Lisa brings over twenty years of human resources, career counseling, management, training and consulting experience to her coaching business. She has continued success in developing individuals at all stages of their career. She has a superior ability to listen, observe and customize her approach to meet individual client needs.

Ark Career Coaching prepares you to effectively leverage your strengths, skills, interests and experience to take you to the next level in your career lifecycle.

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Are YOU ready to sail through your career?

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"For this “over 50" job hunter, the most important thing Lisa did was to instill confidence that I was still a desirable candidate. This is not to downplay her help revising my resume, writing cover letters, interviewing, negotiating and other things..... I liked having to report “what I worked on toward my goal” each time I met with her because then I really couldn’t make the excuse of not doing something each week (it’s so EASY to get distracted by almost anything else). Once you get started, it’s easier to keep the momentum going." d Judee T.

“I liked the fact that there was always something positive to be said, even if I had something negative to say or complain about. It turned my mood around and helped me see alternate options more quickly than I usually do.” Chris L.

“You have helped me push myself in the college direction. The sessions were so much better than I had imagined before my start …it ultimately helped me develop more detailed time management skills, and looking into the big picture, yet taking things one step at a time.” Christine L.

“Throughout the process, Lisa provided valuable feedback and insight…She continues to be a valuable resource and coach to me.” Kent L.

“Lisa helped me explore my communication style and challenged me to improve my interactions with all of my co-workers. I am much more effective as a team player and leader within my company.”              Jeff S.

"Identifying shortcomings I have in the way I do things - procrastination, accepting responsibility, getting into a negative frame of mind. I thought I knew about them all, but identifying them overtly to another person allows me to deal with them rather than letting them fester. I also benefited from proposed strategies for dealing with them, preventative measures, as well as corrective measures." Josh S.

“Lisa taught me networking, job search and interview skills that made me more confident when I went on job interviews. With her encouragement, I explored opportunities outside my current career path and was able to direct my own job search. She challenged me and helped me learn to sell my strengths.” Debbie W.

"I am soooo happy!!! I negotiated until the final offer, you'd be proud. Thank you so much for helping me throughout this troublesome time!! You certainly calmed me down and helped me remain focused on what was important to me and my career!! THANK YOU!!! Karen P

"I became very clear on issues that I didn't even realized existed. I was given permission to find my own answers and come to my own conclusions about myself, my goals and my life. Lisa provided a haven that was safe for me to be completely hones in what I wanted to do with my life without judgment or criticism" Stephanie G.

“I met with Lisa when I was between jobs and looking to define a new career path. Lisa asks excellent questions, she is insightful and encouraging. Lisa is the ultimate professional” Margaret S.

"Lisa gives me a way to discuss work issues and discuss practices on how to handle certain situations. I find myself better focused on a specific goal, as well as learning to be more global in my focus, think as a manager/leader, not just completing a task. Coaching is helping me better manage my team - hopefully motivate them, share my passion for the business in a way that they feel part of that, and ultimately become more productive. Lisa has good insight into behaviors, this helps to target my approach to managing, and try new methods that I would not have known about." Judy C.

"I am so happy I landed the job at Google! Thank you so much for all of your efforts and advice. Every time we meet, I always get the job - NBC and now Google! You really are my good luck charm :)     Susan M.

"Lisa was constantly questioning. Asking me to look at things in different ways and consider angles I hadn't though of - perhaps a problem with someone was caused by the way I chose to communicate? Perhaps an issue arose because I just looked at a situation differently than someone I was working with?...   "I recommend Lisa, and coaching, very highly. Working with Lisa helped me clarify my goals into specific, achievable steps, and Lisa kept me accountable for making measurable progress against those goals every time we met. As a result of having worked with Lisa, I have more confidence at work, more happiness at home, and much better balance between the two." Leigh S.

“I don’t usually create goals for a year, other than what is required for work. I think this is important to do and it has been beneficial for me to do this. It makes me establish action steps to ensure that I am working towards getting the things that are important to me accomplished. This list of goals also helps me prioritize and re-evaluate, instead of getting overwhelmed or upset that things are not getting done. I have begun to recognize that I do have successes everyday and to give myself credit for them. Lisa gave me the right level of support and provided objective feedback on issues that I have encountered so that I can learn from them.” Dana C.

"I have been working on becoming more efficient by dealing with my road blocks and increasing my confidence. Lisa has helped me break down what I need to do into specific, bite-sized tasks that aren’t overwhelming. Regular checking in keeps me moving forward and taking stock of how I’m progressing and what I might do differently to improve. I like feeling that I’m not alone. She provides realistic support. I feel lucky to have found a career coach who is just right for me, dealing with me where I am, not where I “should be.” Carol T.

"The best part about the sessions was that I felt I was talking to a friend, but at the same time my guidance. I enjoyed feeling open and ready to share ideas without being shot down or discouraged. I liked the fact that there was always something positive to be said, even if I had something negative to say or complain about. It turned my mood around and helped me see alternate options more quickly than I usually do.” C.L.

“I met with Lisa when I was between jobs and looking to define a new career path. Lisa asks excellent questions, she is insightful and encouraging. Lisa is the ultimate professional” M.S.